Welcome to see, hear and feel ……

falcon tunisia 001

I am Nicola, I am a multitude of things. I am the sum of 60 years life experience which has brought me to where I am now. There have been experiences from adoption, happy childhood, boarding school to sex, drugs and rock and roll.

I should have been a hippie …. but age and my parents social standing got in the way. Now as I wait to retire, I get to contemplate life’s great mysteries.

I am a little bit of everything, mother, grandmother, lover, witch, cook, photographer, traveller , journey woman – explorer and observer.

Whilst I fully embrace the electronic age – I do feel we have lost some elements of our humanity. We have lost the ability to communicate meaningfully on a personal level, we have lost our abilities to tell tales, to use our imagination and we have lost the ability to trust our intuition.

In this blog I intend to explore with you and engage with you about how we see hear and feel and why. I may at times be confrontational, I will certainly ask “why?” a lot. I want to look at how we can reconnect with ourselves and ultimately understand each other sand make the place a better world for all of us. Not much to ask is it?


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