The arrival of Autumn

IMG_2952She was late, she crept in quietly this year riding on the tendrils of fog which enveloped the rivers and meadows taking the last energy from the summer sun while she spread silently across the land, leaving thickening dew in her wake.

The settling mist silenced the fields, the animals instinctively huddling to protect the late young from the damp and the cold she bought.  The first fires of the season where lit and chimneys coughed and spluttered into life and the smell of burning wood permeated the air.

Heartier meals appeared on the tables, more soups, stews and robust wine was consumed,  pies and puddings too – banishing all thoughts of salads and light white wine.

She touched everything as she passed – a gentle caress – a hint here – a whisper there.

Extra blankets were found – warm wooly jumpers too along with overcoats, scarves, and mittens.

The plants and trees took all the moisture gladly, ready to fuel one last push before winter inevitably comes.

She fought a valiant battle with the last of the summer sun as it rose, leaving it weakened – she paid no heed – her time was coming.



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