Turkey, with bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and Rosemary.


A couple of weeks back, there was this post about Flavor Meld Bowls over at Messy map Maker.  Ever since we decided to cut all added salt out of our diets we have been looking to enhance the flavour of our food in other ways.  This is very simple to prepare, is lighter than a lot of similar dishes and simply delicious.

Ingredients used can be adjusted to suit the number of servings required.

Turkey breast  –  allow 150 gm per person – I usually eat 100 gm and himself 200gm meat

One tomato per person – cherry tomatoes can easily be substituted  – 6/8 per person

75 gm mushroom per person

50 gm unsmoked bacon cubes/lardons per person – slices can also be used.

Several sprigs of Rosemary – allow 2 per person

Fresh ground pepper

A small quantity of white wine – I use half a glass for two people.  It does not need a lot.

Prepare all your ingredients then layer in ovenproof dish.  I have found the following order works well.

Tomatoes to line the base.  Then half the rosemary.  Next, add a layer of mushrooms and bacon. The centre of the dish the turkey breast – you can slice or leave whole.  Then the second half of the rosemary. Next up the bacon and mushrooms mixed together, topped off with sliced tomatoes. Sprinkle with fresh ground pepper.  Last of all is adding the wine slowly washing the pepper through the food.


Bake in a moderate to hot oven 190/200 degrees – Gas mark 7 for 50 minutes.  Larger amounts may take longer to cook … sliced turkey breast may take less time.

Serve with seasonal vegetables.




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